Dear Elsie

Postcards to my Grandmother

Postcard 70

“Just a line to let you know that I am unable to get any photo of the troopships.”


Black and white photograph looking over the buildings of a city. The lower edge is marked: “Wellington, from Wellington Terrace, N.Z., M & M Protected. No 1.”

251 Postcard front


Headed Post Card with a divided back. The right side is labelled: The address only to be written here. There are no markings for the stamp block but the words ‘Printed in Britain’ are in the location for the stamp. The left margin is printed with: Fergusson & Osborne Series.

251 Postcard back



My dear Elsie

Just a line to let you know that I am unable to get any photo of the troopships. We are having very fine weather. I am keeping in good health hoping you are the same. From Cliff


I’m sure you’re wondering how I could attribute this card to Cliff with a barely legible signature like this. There are around 30 cards from Cliff and he often uses the same phrases. He also has two styles of handwriting, one like this very messy when he has little time and is in a rush. He uses another style when he has time to write neatly. I’m sure you are wondering if maybe I have confused two different Cliffs – well among his cards are some he starts tidily and midway through the card finishes in a bit of a scrawl. He also send about 8 photos of himself with inscriptions on the back in a mix of the two handwritings. I’m fairly certain this is Cliff despite the lack of kisses at the end. I think he just found himself in a situation where he’d promised Elsie a photo of the troopship and wanted to let her know he hadn’t forgotten.

The card is marked with both “M & M” and “Fergusson & Osborne Series”. I think this is a Muir & Moodie card and it is similar to other cards of their’s which I have seen. I’ve not been able to track Fergusson and Osborne. There was a booksellers and printers on Lambton Quay in Wellington called Ferguson and Osborn, but both names are spelled differently from the postcard.


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