Dear Elsie

Postcards to my Grandmother

Postcard 69

“The camp is very quiet these last two days as all the troops are out bivouacking. ”


Real photograph of tents on the inner field of a racecourse. The bottom of the card is etched with  Mobilisation Camp, Expeditionary Force, – Awapuni – “1914”.

196 Postcard front


No printed markings.

196 Postcard back


Imperial Reserve

My Dear Elsie

Just a line to let you know that I am doing alright hoping you are the same. The camp is very quiet these last two days as all the troops are out bivouacking. They are coming back tonight. We are having it fairly easy, but we are doing town picket, we leave camp at 7pm & get back after eleven, we are on it all the week so I am afraid that there wont be much chance of getting away for the dance, but I will put in a pass on the off chance. I believe by what we can hear is that they are going to put us on picket every night while we are in camp. The town was very quiet last night but on Sunday it was almost like a Saturday. There were more drunks on Sunday than Saturday. There were four Terries got sent back home on Monday for getting drunk. Well dear all for now, hoping to see you if possible on Wednesday.

With love from yours truly

Cliff xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


A second postcard from Cliff a fortnight after the last one. It almost looks like a different handwriting but it is the same Cliff. He has one hand when in a hurry and another when he has more time to write.

I had to consult a dictionary of war slang as I’d not come across picket in this context. It is another word for patrol. Also I assume by ‘Terries’ he means Territorials.

I like the way he fills up all remaining space on the card with kisses including heading up the side of the card.


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