Dear Elsie

Postcards to my Grandmother

Postcard 263

Front Image of the interior of a church. The card is captioned: 443. Christchurch Priory: N. Choir Aisle. Back Headed Post Card with a divided back. The dividing line has … Continue reading

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Postcard 262

See how white the driven snow, Fair as one fair maid I know Front The centre of the card has a photo of a woman looking back across her shoulder. The … Continue reading

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Postcard 261

Anyone for cake? Front Photo of 2 rows of soldiers in front of a row of tents. The men are around various pots and pans and food items spread out … Continue reading

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Postcard 260

I would like to share your cake with you. Front The card has a large colour spray of cornflowers and daisies. Across the card in type formed of small red … Continue reading

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Postcard 259

“Phillis is getting on grand, she slept nearly all the way up in the train.” Front The silver background is embossed with a light wave pattern. The centre image is … Continue reading

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Postcard 258

I know that you are fighting, I know that you are true Front  A photo of a mountain is set on a background pattern of coarse textured fabric. The photo is … Continue reading

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Postcard 257

“The food question is occupying everyone’s thoughts at present, as it is very difficult to get the necessary foods such as sugar butter, bacon, etc. and I don’t think there … Continue reading

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