Dear Elsie

Postcards to my Grandmother

Postcard 168

“The Maori Boys arrived last night. They are a splendid Body of men.” FrontĀ  A couple sit on a rocky outcrop with the ocean behind them. The sky features what … Continue reading

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Postcard 167

Front A hand coloured real photo portrait of a woman in a hat and fur stole. The lower edge is marked with the NPG logo and 731/5.   Back The … Continue reading

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Postcard 166

“The troops are coming in from camps for the winter…” Front Black and white photo of a large classical style municipal building. The card is captioned: “Shire Hall, Chelmsford. 9.” … Continue reading

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Postcard 165

“I am still under canvas in the same place & we find it rather parky at nights … “ Front Photo of a river with a bridge crossing it in … Continue reading

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Postcard 164

“Here’s a pretty Valentine for you.” Front A man pushes a a two-wheeled handcart with a woman perched on it along the front of a railway station. At the bottom … Continue reading

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Postcard 163

“The girl with the winning ways.” Front A comedic image of a woman and two men sitting a a green felt topped table. They are in evening dress and playing … Continue reading

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Postcard 162

“They have such a nice house and lovely and clean. “ Front Hand-coloured of children sitting on a seesaw set against the rural backdrop. At the top of the card … Continue reading

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